video drills and instruction

The power tennis “trophy” position serve can be automatically trained with the use of the  playright supersleevetm .  After the toss and with the bent knee position, the legs start to straighten; and begin to drive upward to lift upwards from the ground. The body should uncoil and start facing towards the net and at the same time, the upper arm should almost be in a vertical position with the lower arm at an inverted L position, with the elbow bent at an angle of 90 degrees while holding the racquet.

The 90 degree elbow position found in world-class forehands refers to the elbow positioning on the forward swing, which is bent typically at 90 degrees.This positioning of the elbow, which acts as a pivoting point, allows the stroke to be “driven” forward through the shoulder, elbow and palm of the hand solidly and with accuracy and can be trained with every forehand when wearing the playright supersleevetm