video drills and instruction

Correct soccer arm position during a header. Stand with the arms on each side and raise the forearms the playright supersleevetm resistance will make the elbow angle 90 degrees. The athlete must jump first and keep their arms out and bent at a 90 degree angle for protection .Jumping first will allow the athlete to win the ball at its highest point and keeping the arms bent at 90 degrees gives enough space to head win the header. Having the arms out, may even provide  an extra boost from your opponent. The athlete might be boosted higher into the air or kept up in the air longer by the opponent jumping into the bottom of their elbows. This will give the athlete an advantage and ultimately help them win the header.

When teaching sprinting and speed for soccer the athlete should be trained in correct use of the arms. Keep the arms at 90 degrees .First, work to keep your arms at 90 degrees on the upswing.   The arms can be trained to the 90 degrees as they move up and towards the shoulders or chin level with the use of a playright supersleevetm. The arms will open to about 120 degrees when they swing behind the back. Opposite arm, opposite leg theory applies. As the left leg goes down so does the right arm. Up-swing:The arms can swing up to the shoulder to chin level; back-swing: behind the hips.