playright supersleeve™


playright supersleeve™ is a patented sport training device that can be used by athletes to develop a perfect 90 degree elbow and arm position that is required for performance in dozens of sports

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Product Description

Place your shooting/throwing arm through the large opening of the playright supersleeve™.
Pull the supersleeve up your arm until the middle resistance cushion fits nicely in the crease of your arm, opposite your elbow and with the shooting triangle pointing to the top of the hand.
The playright supersleeve™ should fit securely around your bicep and wrist with the middle resistance cushion in the crease of the arm. The top and bottom resistance cushions should be above and below the middle resistance cushion and opposite of the elbow.

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0 to70lbs, 70 to 100lbs, 100 to 140lbs, 140 to 200lbs, 200+lbs


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