Instructions on how to best use the playright supersleevetm

Fitting the playright supersleevetm to your arm correctly: Place your shooting/throwing arm through the large opening of the sleeve nearest the playright supersleevetm logo.

Pull the playright supersleevetm up your arm until the middle resistance cushion fits nicely in the crease of your arm, opposite your elbow and with the white target alignment arrow pointing to the top of the hand and through the middle finger.

The playright supersleevetm should fit securely around your bicep and wrists with the middle resistance cushion seated in the crease of the elbow.The top and bottom resistance cushions should be above and below the middle resistance cushion and opposite of the elbow.

Using the playright supersleevetm:

The patented playright supersleevetm is designed to develop and train athletes in the use of the correct          90 degree elbow and arm positions in dozens of sports. The constant muscle feedback of this dynamic position training sm will improve performance with its’ use in practice, game situations and real time drills. The playright supersleevetm is constructed of compression fabric, is comfortable to wear, washable and the only: all sport , all abilities, all sizes, always trainingsm device in the market.