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A large number of golfers have their lead arm bend or collapse during the backswing.This is something that many golfers know they do but have a hard time actually correcting.The reason for this is that they are focusing on the wrong arm and have never had a tool to train the trailing arm during the swing .The lead arm collapsing is simply an effect of the rear/trailing arm over bending.Any time the rear arm bends more than 90 degrees the lead arm will also bend.This causes a lot of potential issues including: hitting the ground behind the ball, taking steep divots, and the most common, pulls and slices.

The playright supersleevetm will not allow you to over-bend (under 90 degrees) the trailing arm. When the playright supersleevetm is compressed the sleeve  stabilizes the trailing arm in the perfect 90 degree profile. The sleeve can be worn throughout the round without interfering with normal golf play.