dynamic position training



The dynamic position training sm technology of the playright supersleevetm provides all abilities of athletes in basketball, baseball, football, golf, tennis, volleyball, bowling, running, swimming or any sport the uses an arm motion, a unique tool for the automatic training of the 90 degree elbow position that is fundamental in most sports.

The playright supersleevetm achieves the 90 degree dynamic training positionsm when the top and bottom resistance cushions are pressed together. Many sports require the athlete to decrease their arm angle to 90 degrees for example: basketball shooting and dribbling. For these sports the playright supersleevetm must be squeezed to resistance and the 90 degree arm angle will be automatically achieved. Other sports, for example: the golf swing,  require the arm to start at 90 degrees. The playright supersleevetm does this as the arm is held against the resistance and starts the motion in the correct 90 degree position.