video drills and instruction

Bend your elbow to a 90 degree angle and cradle the ball slightly with your wrist.If you are a right handed bowler, here is method of determining how to maintain bowling arm swing direction.  Raise your right arm upward with the palm of your hand facing the sky until your the bottom of your elbow is at least shoulder height. Your bowling arm and upper body create a 90 degree right angle with the resistance of the playright supersleevetm. Move your bowling arm slightly away from the center of your body an additional 5 or ten degrees and keep your arm extended fully with the palm of your hand facing the sky. Your bowling finders should be directly in front of the outside edge of your bowling shoulder.

Your bowling arm should now be extended fully at shoulder level or higher and the angle created between your shoulders and your arm is about 90 degrees. If you visualize your shoulders squared to the bowling pin deck and parallel to the foul line, then your arm will be pointed in the proper direction to release your ball toward your target down the lane.