video drills and instruction

The game of Basketball has two unique ball handling skills for proficiency: dribbling and shooting. Shooting requires the athlete to have abilities in both alignment and touch and dribbling is a skill of control, speed and direction.

Both of those skills can be trained with the use of the playright supersleevetm.


dynamic position training is the playright supersleevetm technology that trains the athlete to maintain a 90 degree elbow and arm angle when shooting or dribbling the basketball. The 90 degree position of the arm during shooting is a fundamental skill that makes the athlete utilize their legs to push through the shot rather than the less desirable over-extended arm push. Another skill the playright supersleevetm design addresses is target alignment.



Target alignment technologysm promotes the correct arm position and follow through and the 90 degree position makes for a softer shot with more consistency in scoring. Dribbling fundamentals rely on ball handling with an arm position angle of 90 degrees or greater. Any dribbling arm angle less than 90 degrees can result in loss of control, walking under the ball and direction control issues.

The playright supersleevetm design is a dynamic tool that is worn all the time and in all game conditions. There is no need to remove the playright supersleevetm during drills, practice or game conditions. The playright supersleevetm becomes part of the athlete and an integral part of their fundamentals training and future performance levels.