video drills and instruction

The correct technique for throwing a baseball/softball starts with the athlete rotating their body back towards their target while there throwing arm starts bending until it is 90 degrees at the elbow, while the arm is bending at the elbow the throwing arm is rotating such that the arm rotates back almost 180 degrees from the target. At the same time, the athlete is stepping forward with the leg that was initially pointed at the target while there other leg is planted into the ground. The person is bending at their waist and the other arm is rotating into their body. Around the point where the driving leg strikes the ground the throwing arm is rotating foreword at a tremendous angular speed and the athlete releases the ball retaining the 90 degree angle of the arm. When the ball is released the athletes body pulls the planted leg forward and the throwing arm finishes its motion towards the driving leg.

The playright supersleevetm  automatically controls the elbow angle with resistance at 90 degrees and helps the athlete maintain the desired  90 degree position with every throw or pitch in practice or in games.